Muhammad Syed

Muhammad Syed

Ex-Muslims of North America

Muhammad Syed is a human rights activist, writer, speaker and community organizer. He is the founder and president of Ex-Muslims of North-America (EXMNA), the first Ex-Muslim advocacy and community building organization in North America.

Muhammad has been a human rights activist for the past decade, with a focus on efforts to normalize religious dissent and promote acceptance of secularism in Muslim communities.

Muhammad has been interviewed by BBC, Fox News, NPR, SiriusXM Insight and his work with EXMNA has been covered by the New York Times, National Post and Al-Jazeera among others.

Muhammad can be reached via Twitter or via email: [email protected]. You can read more about EXMNA at

New York City – Islam and Identity

New York City

To what extent is “Muslim” an identity? and how does the conception of “identity” help or hinder our understanding of the faith and its challenges? How do political forces play into the increasing adoption and promotion of this identity. Location: Midtown Manhattan – Exact address Will be emailed the morning of the event Powered by […]


MIT: Equality, Islam, and Human Rights

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

How does Islam affect the conditions of equality? Can modern human rights flourish within a religious context? The panel of formerly Muslim atheists will discuss the intersection of equality and dignities for all with the dictates of Islamic ideology. This event is sponsored and hosted by the Secular Society of MIT. Refreshments will be provided. […]


George Washington University – Leaving Islam, Normalizing Dissent

GWU - George Washington University

The panel of ex-Muslim atheists will discuss the importance of community, the influence of politics, and the joys and griefs in the path out of religion. This event is sponsored by the Multicultural Student Services Center’s Office of Religious Life. Free refreshments will be provided. Powered by Eventbrite


Georgia State University: Fighting Allah, Defending Muslims

Georgia State University

Is there a ‘polite way to tell people they’ve dedicated their lives to an illusion’? Should offense over ideas matter? The panel of ex-Muslims will discuss the tension between advocating for reason while keeping the civil liberties and humanity of Muslims paramount. Powered by Eventbrite


Georgia Tech: The Future of Islam

Georgia Tech

Is it possible to reform Islam? Is it even worthwhile to do so? Can free-thought take hold in religiously conservative and closed societies? Is it better to promote the abandonment of religious belief altogether? The panel of ex-Muslims will discuss their perspectives on the path forward from dogma & religion. Powered by Eventbrite