Ibn Warraq

Ibn Warraq

Author, Why I am not a Muslim

Ibn Warraq is a fellow at the Westminster Institute, Fairfax, Virginia, USA, a Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, and a contributing editor to The New English Review, and on the Advisory Board of Project Reason: Spreading Science and Secular Values.

His first book, Why I am not a Muslim, was published in 1995; he has stated that he saw the book as part of a “war effort”, since it argued passionately for Western values , which, he felt, were under threat from the totalitarian ideology of Islam. The growing number of Muslims in the West, instead of assimilating or integrating, demanded ever more concessions from a culture no longer certain of its own values and worth. He pointed out that the West’s broadly liberal values are incompatible with the Sharia, or Islamic Law, which Muslims were eager to impose on the rest of the world.

His subsequent work includes anthologies of Koranic Criticism, such as What the Koran Really Says which was favorably reviewed in The Times Literary Supplement, by Dr. Chase Robinson, formerly of the University of Oxford ; and, second, a defense of Western civilization and values, in works such as Why the West is Best and Defending the West . Of the latter Paul Berman wrote: “Ibn Warraq’s [book] is a glorious work of scholarship, and it is going to contribute mightily to modernizing the way we think about Western civilization and the rest of the world.”

Ibn Warraq’s latest book The Islam in Islamic Terrorism: The Importance of Beliefs, Ideas, and Ideology addresses several misconceptions regarding the cause of Islamic terrorism including a refusal to take into account the beliefs of the terrorists.

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