About The Ex-Muslim Tour

It’s time for honesty. It’s time for compassion. It’s time for Ex-Muslims to speak out.

The conversation around Islam and its role in the modern world is gridlocked. The same tired clichés are repeated endlessly, persuading no one. Extremists on the far-right demonize Muslims in the name of combating Islam, while extremists on the Left celebrate all aspects of the religion in the name of protecting Muslims from bigotry.

In the gulf between these lie Islam’s apostates. As people who were raised Muslim, or converted to Islam, we refuse to cater to anti-Muslim bigotry. Neither will we kow-tow to empty religious apologetics – Islam, as practiced by the vast majority of its followers, undermines modern, progressive ideals. Apostates face the brunt of this illiberalism – we are actively persecuted in much of the Muslim world, and over a dozen Muslim-majority countries still consider our lack-of-faith an offense punishable by death.

Perhaps more than any other group, we have a stake in the direction of the dialogue around this religion. We know the high cost of disbelief. It is time for us to speak out. 

The Tour

Ex-Muslims of North America is bringing apostate speakers and activists to campuses across the United States and Canada during the Fall of 2017 and Spring of 2018. Collaborating with a variety of student groups, we are bringing you panels, talks, and discussions covering a variety of questions and challenges Islam brings to the Western world.   

The Speakers

Our growing list of speakers includes activists, public figures, authors, and academics. We come from a variety of ethnic and national backgrounds and bring a diversity of view-points. Each event will include at least one speaker, but many will have three or more.